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1947-1987 Truck

Seat belt Solutions offers Original Equipment "Direct Fit" Seat belts with three and seven panel webbing. All Seat belts can be custom made with any of the 58 colors and panel webbing choices that we offer. Chevy belts come with the GM buckle and Ford comes with metal starburst buckles, made for bench or bucket. All of our seat belts meet or exceeds FMVSS 209/302 Specs. Our belts are Made in the USA (with domestic and foreign parts.)

Chevy Bench Seat

GM Buckles 

20" Buckle End

Ford Bucket Seat 

Starburst Buckle

12" Buckle End

Ford Bench Seat 

Starburst Buckle

24" Buckle End 

Ford Bucket Seat 

Starburst Buckle

12" Buckle End

3 Point Conversion Kit