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Aftermarket Seatbelts in Jupiter, Florida

The aftermarket seatbelts available from Seatbelt Solutions in Jupiter, Florida, have all undergone rigorous testing. Using the latest equipment and by taking advantage of our relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we make sure safety is the top priority in our seatbelt manufacturing.


Testing and Engineering


When it comes to testing, Seatbelt Solutions has followed the lead of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We have well-established relationships with all of them, and we are the exclusive nationwide distributor for one of them, which means we had to meet their high standards to be selected. We have toured their facilities and worked with their engineering teams. The OEMs know and understand seatbelt safety better than anyone. We have replicated the OEMs test procedures and equipment at our facility. Our test facility has a "G" Force Machine, Tilt Lock Testing Machine, Webbing Abrasion Tester, Salt Spray Tester, two Tensile Machines (44482.216152548, kN, 10,000 lb. and 22241.108141273, kN, 5,000 lb.), and a Retractor Cycling Tester. Seatbelt Solutions is very fortunate to be located in Palm Beach County, where a large number of companies have downsized or moved their operations, leaving behind some of the best engineers. They come from companies like Pratt & Whitney, Motorola, United Technologies, and Sikorsky, to mention a few. Seatbelt Solutions tests to the most current FMVSS 209/302 certification. We have also started 208 testing (sled or crash testing like you see in commercials) for our most popular products. A lot of other seatbelt companies talk about safety, but here at Seatbelt Solutions we have fully committed to testing and guaranteeing product safety every day. We are the only aftermarket seatbelt manufacturer that will provide current test results on the products you purchase from us. You won’t find a company and staff more dedicated to making safe seatbelts then Seatbelt Solutions.


Contact us to request information on seatbelt testing.

Production Retractor Sled
Retractor Cycle Tester/Tilt Lock Mac
Webbing Abrasion Tester
Salt Spray Machine
Tensile Machine
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