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1964-1993 Mustang

Seatbelt Solutions offers Original Equipment "Direct Fit" seatbelts with the original webbing colors in seven-panel webbing. All seatbelts can be custom made with any of the 58 colors and panel webbing choices that we offer. All belts come with the metal starburst buckle. Our belts are Made in the USA (with domestic & foreign parts).

OE Style Shelby Belt Set
OE Style Starburst Buckle
Retractable Lap
Retractor Shoulders
1964-1973 3-Point Conversion
Instruction and Hardware Included
1964-1969 Headrest
Instructions and Hardware Included
1965-1967 Retractable Lap
Mustang OE Wired Buckle End
1968-1973 Retractable Lap
1964-1973 Textured Lap Belt
Exclusively sold by Drake Automotive
1979-1989 Fox Body Front
Direct Fit
OE Starburst Buckle & Tongue
1979-1989 Fox Body Rear
OE Starburst Buckle 
1990-1993 Fox Body Front
Direct Fit
OE Starburst Buckle & Tongue
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