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Amusement Park Belts


We offer many different lap belts for your carnival and amusement park rides. We are a U.S. manufacturer and can custom build your belts in any length, with any buckle and anchor we offer. Our belts are used in bumper-cars, go-karts, swings, kiddie rides, carousels, adult rides, and custom rides of all types. 

Plastic Push Button

Metal Push Button

Alpine Buckle

Aluminum 90 Degree Lift Latch

Chrome Lift Latch

End Release Buckle

Stainless Steel 90 Degree Lift Hatch 

1" & 2" Side Release Buckle

Nexus 1.5 Buckle 

Key Release Buckle Cover


Footman's Loop

Metal Wired Buckle

Accordion Wired Buckle

6" End Release Wired Buckle

Web Slotted Wired Lap Belt

Bungee Harness


We make an economy harness with plastic push buttons and automotive webbing and a premium harness with Alpine buckles and military-grade webbing. Harnesses come in small, medium, and large.

Rock Climbing Harness with Alpine Buckles


4-Point Harnesses


Our 4-point harnesses are designed for the go-kart industry and adult rides. Our adjusters are spring loaded, keeping your harness tight at all times. They can be made with canvas or neoprene shoulder pads and are available in any size needed.

Custom Belts

"Yo-Yo" Swing Ride Belt 

Rock & Roll Tumbler Seat Belt

Sling Shot Belt With 90 Degree Stainless Steel Buckle

2-Point Seatbelts


All retractable and non-retractable belts are custom manufactured. They can be made with any of the buckles, tongues, and anchors we offer. These belts can be used in bumper cars, go-karts, adult rides, and custom rides of all types.

Traveling Lap Belt

End Release Bumper Car Belt

10" Retractable & 18" Buckle

4" Retractor & 8" Floppy

7" Retractable & 12" Buckle

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