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Buckles & Tongues

307SS-Stainless Steel Lift Latch

307S-Satin Lift Latch

307GMBT-OE Chrome Lift Latch

307B&T- Chrome Lift Latch

Wired 6" Stake Buckle Open or Closed Circuit

305B&T-Starburst Buckle

307K-Texted Finish Lift Latch


288A&388H2 End Release Buckle & Tongue

388A288AVS Med Neutral End Release Buckle & Tongue

388A288ASB Med Gray End Release Buckle & Tongue

109BP & 209-2 Plastic Buckle with Black Press-Single Tongue

109RP & 1201T Plastic Buckle with Red Press-Adjustable Tongue

Medium Blue 4002

Maroon 2008

Red 2006

Gray 6005

Tan 3000

Blue 4004

Medium Neutral VS

308 B&T Starburst Buckle & Adjustable Tongue

308 & 288A Colored Tongue Covers

08H-2 Double Slotted Tongue

OE Style Tongue

OE Style  Colored Tongue Covers

Plastic Push Buttons

End Release Buckle options - 22", 18", 12", 6"
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