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Seatbelt Manufacturing in Jupiter, Florida 

For the highest quality aftermarket seatbelts for a wide range of vehicles, come to Seatbelt Solutions in Jupiter, Florida. Our seatbelt manufacturing is done in cooperation with original equipment manufacturers with your safety in mind.®

What to look for when buying Seat Belts

What is the difference between seatbelts made in China verses seat belts made in the USA? One of the main reasons that Chinese products are so appealing is the price, but when you buy from Seatbelt Solutions there is no price difference between American made and Chinese belts. Most Chinese made belts do not meet FMVSS 209/302 and the colors and thread don’t even match. The fact is that manufacturers overseas really don’t understand the FMVSS requirements like manufacturers in the USA do. For example, some of the belts that are sold from China say “DOT Approved.” The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates tire manufacturing, not seatbelts. We know that the Chinese are good at manufacturing radios, TVs, and clothing. But when it comes to purchasing seatbelts, you should purchase from an American manufacturer who understands FMVSS and knows and can prove they are making and selling a safe seatbelt. So I would ask you why run the risk.

We are so convinced that you should buy from an American company that we will meet or beat the price on any seatbelt made overseas, just show us your latest invoice.


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We manufacture our product in Jupiter, FL, and also have warehousing in Oceanside, CA and Elkhart, IN.  We do not sell retail; we leave that to our business partners. We are a manufacturer and do not believe in competing with our vendors. Here at Seatbelt Solutions we build your seatbelts with the emphasis on customer service and safety. This is just part of what makes Seatbelt Solutions the leader in the aftermarket seatbelt industry. You won’t find a company more dedicated to our partners’ success, bar none!


It all began in the summer of 2005 when Jeff Biegun gave his neighbor $2,000 and a riding lawn mower in exchange for a 1975 Corvette. But there was one problem, the car had no seatbelts. This was a time when new Corvette parts were scarce and most Corvette owners spent time sifting through used parts at swap meets. As Jeff began searching for the much needed seatbelts to complete his 1975 Corvette, he soon found that the parts he needed were either unavailable, of poor quality, or overpriced. Luckily for the Corvette industry, Jeff was not willing to pay more to refurbish the belts he found at a swap meet, which would cost more than he paid for the car.Instead he set out on a mission to produce aftermarket "Direct Fit" seatbelts at a reasonable cost for all Corvette owners. After six months of research and development Jeff was ready to launch his new product -- a 1974-77 dual retractable Direct Fit seatbelt set. He drove two hours to show the new belt to one of the biggest aftermarket Corvette distributors. They took one look at the high quality, and knowing these aftermarket seatbelts were in great demand, asked when he could deliver the first order. Since then Seatbelt Solutions has created a complete line of aftermarket seatbelts for many makes and models. We have grown considerably since 2005, now servicing over 600 vendors with the same personal attention that Jeff gave to the first client. What started as the search for a solution to Jeff's 1975 Corvette has grown into a successful business committed to finding solutions to help many car enthusiasts across the country with their seatbelt needs. 

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